Which is your favorite song from Elton John?

Answer I'd have to say its either 'I guess thats why they call it the blues' or his duet with George Michael on 'Don't let the sun go down.' He is just a talented man... don't ya think?

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R&P: If you could remove a song off your favorite album.....(plus BQs; metalheads I need your help please)?

Hmm, well being that my favorite album by Led Zeppelin is IV...and honestly speaking, I love every single song on it, but I would say Houses of the Holy comes in second place. Although I can see th... Read More »

Has the TV series 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' ended?

yes its last episode was aired last November 23, 2009.

If you had 8 kids like Jon and Kate plus 8?

I like your choices... especially Caitlin Noelle and Alexander James.My choices:Madeline KeiraCate NoelleAlexandra FaithHailey JaneLyla HadleyAlexander JamesJack KadenCameron Taylor

Your favorite fragrance from PINK (and your favorite from just plain old Victoria's Secret)?

PINK: Warm and Cozy smells soooo goodVS: Besides Warm and Cozy probably Luscious Kisses Mmm lol :)