Your favorite & least favorite name off my girl listWhy?

Answer These names are all STUNNING .♥ I am at a loss of words to explain how much I love them, let alone enough will power to choose between them! Can I say all of them are my fave?(:Okay, here goes...... Read More »

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What's your favorite boy name and favorite girl name?

My favorite girl name is Julietteand my favorite boy name is JamesI just realized they both start with Jhave funFrom Alice Mae

What is your least favorite name for a girl?

What is your favorite name for a little girl?

Rose Kathleen ♥I absolutely adore Rosalie and Isobel, but I'm really not fond of Sienna. Isobel Rosalie would be sweet, though I understand Sienna is your favourite of the names :)

What is your favorite boy and girl name?