Days of Our Lives... who is your least favorite person and most favorite person?

Answer Stefano DiMera has been my favorite character since he came to Salem in the 1980s.I also like these:Alice HortonTom HortonMaggie HortonDoug WilliamsJulie WilliamsBo BradyTony DiMeraSteven "Patch" J... Read More »

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How do you erase your person on almost famous family?

go into your files, find system32 this is where it will be stored, now just delete that folder to get rid of your person. goodluck :)

Have you ever had a famous person as your "Facebook Friend of the Day"?

How do you get a Facebook friend of the day. I keep watchin' channel 8 news to see if I'm ever their Facebook friend of the day, but it's never me. I feel so unloved.

Who is the most famous person who shares your first name?

Geez... toughie!! I had to Google it to even get a name! Ivy Queen, a reggae star. There's also a band called Ivy on MySpace. I think I'll have to check them out!Thanks for a cool question!Ivy

What Famous Person Would You Invite To Your Dinner Party?

Beyonce. i'd ask her to sing for us and teach us some dance moves.