How to Pick Your Favorite American Idol?

Answer 2008 American IdolAmerican Idol is a TV show created by Simon Fuller. It's aired on TV at the first 5 months of the year. And the goal every season is to find out what America thinks out of a group... Read More »

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Who are your top 5 favorite contestants on American idol 2011?

Which Idol started first Asian Idol or American Idol or Australian Idol and etc?

It was in the UK and it was called Pop Idol.That is true, but out of all of these, it was American idol. Its first episode was in 2000. Australian idol aired just a year after in 2003 and Asian ido... Read More »

How much do the American Idol contestants make while on the American Idol tour?

American Idol tourists make on average $400 a week to do shopping and such but on tour i think they don't earn money but just have everything already paid for. :)

Who is your favourite singer on American Idol?