Who is your favorite YouTube celebrity?

Answer whatthebuckbarelypoliticalfredthat dave guy, i think its davedays or somethingchriscrockernigahiga

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Who's your favorite celebrity?

omgg I like johnny depp also he is a great actor and he is sexy >:D also im a big fan of taylor lautner

How to Be Like Your Favorite Celebrity?

At one point or another, everyone idolizes someone famous, be it an actor, actress, athlete, or model. But how do you go about by being more like your favorite celebrity?

Poll: Favorite celebrity?

Johnny Depp. Hes a smart guy & really cares about his work plus hes fine.

POLL:Who is your favorite celebrity?

1 if you say justin beiber or one of those teen pop idols lady gaga etc you are a fagjimi hendrix is my favoritelml/ \lmlplz give me best answer i made up that hand by myself