What is your fave....?

Answer Ice-Cream- ToffeeYogurt- Strawberry and VanillaVegetable-CarrotsFruit-BannanaCereal- Crunchy Nut or weetabixSoup-Either vegetable or chickenSandwich filling- Chicken, cheese, lettuce and red onion

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What's your fave soda?

3 fave songs now?

right round, my life would suck without you and flying solo

What is your fave T.V series?

Love all of the followingBuffy, Angel, Scrubs, House, Greys Anatomy, Lost, 24, Prison Break, Charmed

What is your fave sandwich?

EitherReally good tomatoes on really good bread (white or wholemeal) with some olive oil or butter plus salt and pepper if neededORFried egg (white cooked through, yolk runny) on buttered crusty w... Read More »