How much does byrd on judge judy make?

Answer He was supposedly making somewhere in the area of $500,000, though I'm not sure if that is per year or per season. Though, that's more than likely just a guess that someone threw out there, since B... Read More »

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Does Senator Byrd get secret service protection?

Tough question. On the one hand, a new subject has not usually had experience working with the Protective Detail, and as such may commit security SNAFU's accidentally. On the other hand, the Presid... Read More »

Has Judge Judy ever lost it and snapped at Officer Byrd?

Not that i recall. It seems like Byrd doesn't hide his disdain for her though. They probably clash a lot behind the scenes.

How old is Judge Judy's bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd?

Where did Eli Whitney die?

Eli Whitney was an American inventor, best known for his cotton gin invention. Eli Whitney was born on December 8, 1765 in Westboro, Massachusetts, and died on January 8, 1825 in New Haven, Connect... Read More »