Is John Morrison the member on the MTV Real World?

Answer The Miz was on MTV's Real World

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Was Toni Morrison the first black president?

The first black president of the United States is Barack Obama (2009)

Whos a better frontman, Nick Jonas or Jim Morrison?

Peaches man, I ******* love you dude! Nothing gayI applaud your sarcasm I give you this star!

How to Install a Pressure Tank for a Morrison Head System?

Your pressure tank has ruptured but since you own an old Morrison head on your well, your plumber has tried to convince you to move to the new advanced system. Instead, install the pressure tank yo... Read More »

I've been thinking about going for Jim Morrison hair?

Jim Morrison never had any bad ideas *looks around*.You would look sexy no matter what. Even bald. I say go for it, bring back the 70's.