How do I Do a Two Bolt to Four Bolt Conversion on a Big Block Chevy?

Answer The benefit of a four bolt main block over a two bolt is its ability to withstand very high cylinder pressures and much higher rpm. Big block engines have more mass than small blocks thereby making... Read More »

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A 4-Main Bolt Vs. a 2-Main Bolt Chevy Engine?

The Chevy 350 crate engine comes in two styles: two-main bolt and four-main bolt. These engines are used by hot rod and sports car enthusiasts as replacements for existing engines that have less ho... Read More »

Will a Dodge 6-bolt wheels fit Chevrolet 6-bolt wheels?

It is possible for a wheel from a Dodge to fit a Chevrolet. First, the Dodge and Chevrolet must have the same 6-bolt pattern. Second, the offset must be identical on both vehicles. Third, the diame... Read More »

How hot is a bolt of lighting?

A single bolt of lightning can reach temperatures as high as 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit (30,000 Celsius). The lightning superheats the air around it, causing it to expand rapidly and send out a shoc... Read More »

How to Loosen a Bolt?

Bolts are threaded fasteners that are used in conjunction with a nut to secure two or more materials. There are two size classes of nuts and bolts: metric and U.S. standard. Metric hardware is now ... Read More »