Who is to blame for obesity?

Answer It's not a who. It's a "YOU" in most cases. The problem with obesity boils down to poor lifestyle choices.That's it in a nutshell. YOU are responsible for YOUR LIFE and the choices you make are ... Read More »

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I blame all great cooks. Can you guess what I blame them for?

Yes!Curse you Keebler elves!You too Girl Scouts!And all you other creators of irresistibly tempting and self-indulgent decadence..

Is it okay to blame it on the alcohol?

Depends what it is.If you pork an ugly chick or something, then by all means blame the alcohol and say it was because you had "beer goggles" on.Or if you call an ex or something dumb like that then... Read More »

Car Hit My Car As I was Turning Right,Who To Blame?

This is a complex case potentially there are many factors that could influence the out come unfortunately i have insufficient information about your incident to make a measured comment, if you wish... Read More »

Who was the most to blame for the oil spill in the US?