What is this 'Google' that everybody appears to be talking about?

Answer Website Link: is a search engine. You type in a phrase or key words and then hit the search button. Google will then find internet pages that match what you are searc... Read More »

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I heard that talking too much on the phone can cause cancer.I bought earphones, will this help?

Wired earphones won't necessarily reduce the radio emissions, in fact they may amplify the problem as the earphone leads can act as a radiating antenna themselves!There is no doubt in my mind and e... Read More »

What was the name of the old children's tv show that featured a talking boot male and a talking shoe female the show was about reading i believe? The show was called "Readalong."

I have a page but the talking about this so low!?

share the pageget your friends to share the pageget your friends 2 talk about that page on their statuswrite statuses about your pagewrite what your page is about on your statusthat is the only way... Read More »

What is this absolute nutter talking about Is it fraud?

It's a typical Nigerian scam. You will not get paid - you will get a fake Paypal email like in this article…While it says Laptop the same email is sent to... Read More »