Who is this MAILER DAEMON and how do I exorcise him?

Answer oh goodness......*wipes a tear.......that is the only question on here that has ever made me laugh that hard out loud. thank you, you just made greenbay losing a little less horrible. you are great.

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What does mailer daemon stand for?

DAEMON comes from Greek mythology, and refers to daemons (demons) who were guardian spirits. Later, DAEMON came to stand for Disk And Execution Monitor. MAILER refers to sent email. MAILER-DAEMON i... Read More »

How to Exorcise Your House or Dwelling?

Spirits and Demons often decide to remain or attach themselves to a dwelling rather than moving on to an afterlife. They can cause some disturbance and fear in the home. It is easy to clear your ho... Read More »

How to Make an LP Mailer?

Preparing a mailer to protect a long-playing vinyl record album (LP) during shipping can be done with relative ease. Only a few commonly found materials are needed. The key to safely shipping an LP... Read More »

How to Remove Mass Mailer?

Mass Mailer, also known as 1st Mass Mailer, is an e-mail program that allows users to organize e-mail subscriber lists and send subscribers e-mails. With Mass Mailer, users can create predefined te... Read More »