Who is theWhite male actor in direct tv newest ad.?

Answer No it does not. Technically, it never is 'off'. The two lines that come into the back of the DVR are both solid constant feeds coming in, and the DVR is constantly monitoring start times that are y... Read More »

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Who is the newest artist for direct tv commercial?

Yes. In storms, Direct TV is always the first to get reception back. In my opinion , Direct TV is more than worth the price you pay in the long run. (:

Blond girl in the newest direct TV commercial?

Who is the Aboriginal or Asian lady in the Newest ING Direct TV Commercials?

No they do not! (I have DirecTV and do NOT have a phone line..) --------- If you are thinking about ordering and you tell them you were refereed by a friend (My Account # 036241458) when you sign... Read More »

Which male actor.......?

Do you find most attractive? Ryan GoslingHas the best voice? Anthony Perkins (Psycho)/Robert Downey Jr.Have you seen all/most of their movies? Johnny Depp/Patrick SwayzeIs your least favourite? Geo... Read More »