Who was the youngest person to go to Hollywood from American idol?

Answer You can find her on Her name is gracie or something.

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Is there any way to get some help from the gov. in paying off student loans after you graduate from college?

There is help out there if you meet certain criteria such as teaching in a critical need area such as teaching in an inner city school or special education for up to 5 years. Also, there are other... Read More »

Find out if a person graduate from medical school?

Yes, you can get social security. But, still you have to talk with the insurance experts for the ongoing supply of the medical equipments.

Did Whoopi Goldberg graduate from college?

Whoopi Goldberg didn't graduate from college, she was actually a high school drop out. She may not have a degree, but she's one of the few performers that have won an Oscar, an Emmy (two actually),... Read More »

What college did Michelle Obama graduate from?

Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton University, where she studied sociology and African American studies. She earned her law degree at Harvard Law School. Mrs. Obama is the wife of President Ba... Read More »