How to Create a Super Hero?

Answer Have you ever wanted to create the next Spider-Man, Superman, or Batman? To create a superhero, follow these guidelines.

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How to Be a Super Hero (for Kids)?

If you want to be a hero this should help.

How to Act As a Christian Super Hero?

How can you "act as" a super hero/heroine? Well, "super" means "at a higher level, or of a high grade or quality, and is highly approved".[1] Okay, to be called "hero/heroine" seems to mean having ... Read More »

How to Be a Super Hero Geek?

Want to be a geek? How about a super hero geek?! That's right some people thank you're cute when you are a super hero geek! Yeah i know amazing huh, just follow my tips and before you know it you w... Read More »

Who are the cast of the Super Hero Squad?

storm spiderman iron man wolverine hulk thor falcon silver surfer aim agent captain America crimson dynamon abomination invisible woman magneto mole man nightcrawler sabretooth thing ms.marvel