After Dea and Matt's Bonus Round victory Lingo judge Shandi suggests they appear in what instructional video?

Answer Please answer this question--I missed the show on Friday & I'd like to know who won the million dollars!

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Will adding higher video memory help my SL experience?

Adding video memory by installing a new graphics card, or simply adding additional RAM, will increase the performance of the game "Second Life." "Second Life" requires a minimum of 512 MB of RAM an... Read More »

Which cable delivers a higher quality PICTURE, a component video cable or an s-video cable?

Component is the best choice. Component supports progressive scan and Enhanced Definition (EDTV- 480p) and High Definition (HDTV- 720p, 1080i) S-video will give you a decent picture but it will not... Read More »

Does blu-ray have the same definition as real life or will they make a video format with higher def soon?

Keep in mind that we lived with Standard def since 1948. It took 60 years and an act of Congress to force a change. I think 1080 will be around for a while.

Is there a higher quality online video hosting site better than you tube?