Who is the whale that swallowed Pinocchio?

Answer In the 1940 Disney film "Pinocchio," a whale named Monstro swallows Pinocchio and his creator, Geppetto. In the 1883 book "The Adventures of Pinocchio" by Carlo Collodi, which inspired the Disney f... Read More »

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What does"Pinocchio"mean?

Pinocchio means "pine nut" in the Tuscan language. It is the name that Tuscan writer Carlo Lorenzini gave to a puppet that came to life in his novel "The Adventures of Pinocchio." The book was late... Read More »

Who created Pinocchio?

Italian author Carlo Collodi created the character of Pinocchio. The character in the book "The Adventures of Pinocchio" who creates Pinocchio is Geppetto. Geppetto builds Pinocchio out of a block ... Read More »

What is the name of the fish in Pinocchio?

Cleo is the name of the fish in the Disney movie "Pinocchio." She is introduced in the beginning of the movie as one of Geppetto's pets. Geppetto also has a cat named Figaro.Source:World Cat: Pinoc... Read More »

When did Pinocchio first come out on Disney?

Walt Disney Studios released Pinocchio, its second full-length animated feature, in February of 1940. Pinocchio was the first Disney film to win an Academy Award for Musical Score, and is widely co... Read More »