How to Draw Stewie from Family Guy?

Answer Do you like the show Family Guy? Here's how to draw Stewie, the family's malevolent, football-headed son with plans to take over the world.

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In Family Guy, can adults understand what Stewie says?

sometimes yes sometimes no. but brian (the dog) always can

What's the episode of Family Guy where Stewie does the "so how's that novel going" speech?

Which character has the biggest ego on Family Guy: Peter, Quagmire, Brian or Stewie?

I would say Brian. He is a kind of person, or dog rather, that seems to never admit that he is wrong. He sticks by his liberal agenda even if he is proven wrong. He has a sense that he is better th... Read More »

Is the voice of dj lets rock from the tv show yo gabba gabba a voice over?