Why does Homer Simpson always choke Bart Simpson?

Answer well he's kinda an idiot and Bart annoys him

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What is Bart Simpson's actual name?

Bart Simpson's dog is called what?

The name of the dog is "Santa's little helper." In the episode 'The Canine Mutiny' Bart uses a fake credit card to buy a highly-trained collie called 'Laddie'.

How to Cosplay As Bart Simpson?

With all the skateboarding and the goofing off in school, Bart Simpson's life is a carefree!If you want to make all the Lisa's around you jealous, follow these tips.

How to Draw Bart Simpson?

Do you watch The Simpsons? Want to get to know more about the design of the characters? For starters, here's a quick and easy tutorial on how to draw Bart.