My friend said jonas brother are gross do you thick that jonas brother are gross?

Answer Absolutely.Actually, I think they're annoying. Their fans are gross.How many thumbs do will I get from 12 year old girls with no life?!

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Jonas Brother Would You Rather!! Jonas Fans ONLY!!?

ummm....kiss them once...i guessemail address...i have horrible stage frightNick say I'm prettymeet them & get huggedmarry a Jonas

Jonas Brother poster?

Put 'Throw me your guitar pic'on it.Apparently they will.And I was watching their interviewon live @muchmusic...and they said they loved when you incorperate one of their song titles into the poste... Read More »

DO you LOVE the JONAS brother?

Who the hell are the Jonas Brothers? Never heard of them.

Jonas Brother poll #6?

1.Him feed ME COOKIES :D2. Danngg hahaha have them cook.3.With Nick.4. Walk with Nick for TWO HOURS !!!!!5. Ride in a car with Kevy5. Clean their house with them. We'd be able to mess around too xD