What one singer or band do you know for a fact you will still be listening to in 25 years time?

Answer I very much doubt that I will still be around in 25 years time, but if I am:Singer- difficult, very difficult. So many to choose from, but I only first heard of Her some 7 months ago, and I think S... Read More »

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How to Meet a Singer/Band?

On this page you will find out how to meet your favourite singer or band a really fun and easy way!

What's your all time fav band or singer?

Green DayMy Chemical RomanceAnd you can never forget AVENGED SEVENFOLD!!!!Oh and also Aiden

Who is your favorite band/singer?

Disillusioned, Stone Sour, The red jumpsuit apparatus, killswitch engage, incubus, +44, wolfmother, train, lifehouse, iron maiden, 10 monkeys, infernal, IIO, Tool, staind, 3 doors down, candlebox, ... Read More »

What song(s) you like from a band/singer that you don't particularly like :)?

Ooohhh Great Question!I can't really stand Chicago, but their song "Look Away", well, I'll admit it ok? I like it. It's just so sappy.And this will sound wierd, but I hate The Doors - I can't stand... Read More »