What one singer or band do you know for a fact you will still be listening to in 25 years time?

Answer I very much doubt that I will still be around in 25 years time, but if I am:Singer- difficult, very difficult. So many to choose from, but I only first heard of Her some 7 months ago, and I think S... Read More »

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How to Be a True Fan of a Singer/Band?

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Who is the lead singer for the band Journey?

Arnel Pineda became the lead singer for Journey in 2007. The band was looking to reunite with a new lead singer when they discovered Pineda on a YouTube video. Pineda's voice is a dead ringer for J... Read More »

How to Pick a Lead Singer for a Band?

What a lead singer might doIf most people in your band want to be the lead singer, you've got a big problem. It's important to choose the right person, hopefully without hurting anybody's feelings.