Do you like to spin Earth in Google Earth?

Answer I love to go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Whats the sexiest...?

Who's the sexiest?

depp, hands down. supper hot! wowie-zowie hot! good-god-i-could-die hot!!!!!!!

Who do you think is the sexiest?

OMG, you're really going to make me choose?Okay...I'm gonna go with Johnny Depp.But, this is my order of hot men from the list you gave, from 1-10:1. Johnny Depp2. Leonardo DiCaprio3. Jude Law4. Br... Read More »

What's the sexiest outfit you own?

It's a real short lambs skin skirt with a matching condom,and little rhinestone string bikini top(2 sizes to small) ....and I have a little lambs wool flirty sweater that matches the skirt.