Who is the scientist that influenced Darwin's theory of evolution?

Answer Many scientists influenced Charles Darwin's scientific career and theory of evolution. Of note, early on in Darwin's career Robert Grant introduced him to the writings of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. Lam... Read More »

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Who was the scientist that suggested that atoms contained smaller particles?

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What Are Wavelengths That Are Influenced by Frequency?

Wavelength and frequency are closely related properties. They are most commonly used to describe electromagnetic waves, or light, and sound waves. Wavelength is a measure of the physical distance f... Read More »

Who were Charles Darwins siblings?

Marianne, Caroline, Susan, Erasmus, Charles and Emily

Who was the scientist that discovered AIDS?

Three men discovered the AIDS virus around the same time: Dr. Robert Gallo from the United States, and the French researchers Luc Montagnier and Francoise Barre-Sinoussi. The scientists shared rese... Read More »