Who was the first basketball player to score 100 points in a basketball game?

Answer Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Warriors was the first NBA player to score 100 points in one game. Chamberlain scored exactly 100 points on March 2, 1962, when the Warriors defeated the New Yo... Read More »

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Professional Basketball Rules?

Professional basketball has significant rule differences with college, high school and youth league games. As grown adult athletes play professional basketball, the rules are adjusted to both addre... Read More »

How many professional basketball teams are there?

There are 30 professional basketball teams in the NBA. There are also minor-league professional teams in the National Basketball Developmental League (NBDL) that are not considered when counting th... Read More »

Professional NBA Basketball Camps for Kids?

There are numerous benefits that come along with allowing your child to participate in a professional basketball camp. Participants, of course, get to meet professional athletes, but they also lear... Read More »

When was women's professional basketball invented?

The Women's Professional Basketball League (WBL) began in 1978 and lasted until 1981. While this was the first time that women played basketball professionally, women's basketball has been played a... Read More »