Which girl is prettiest?

Answer wtf is wrong with the first girl lolthe second one for sure

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Which girl do you think is the prettiest...?

All are pretty in different ways:# 1 has a more polished look as far as hair, skin, and defined eyes.# 2 looks more natural and doesn't seem to be trying so hard, which makes her seem more confiden... Read More »

Which girl do you believe is the prettiest?

It's hard to say which one is because they are not in the same pose. But I would have to say it's the last one. Then maybe the second, the third and then the first..So, my ranking would be.1. http:... Read More »

Which girl is the prettiest (pic) ?

I think that they are both very pretty, but i will say the one on the right.ByE^.^

Which girl is the prettiest?