Who was the first president of the people's republic of china?

Answer Mao Zedong served unofficially from 1949 to 1954 as the first President (or Chairman) of the People's Republic of China. The office became official in 1954 and Mao continued to serve as President u... Read More »

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Why did president Nixon make his trips to China and the Soviet Union?

Nixon tried to get on good terms with China as well as the Soviet Union by making these trips---so he could make peace...

United States relations wih china were normalized by the actions of what president?

Which president of the United States has visited the Great Wall of China?

There have been numerous presidents of the United States that have visited the Great Wall of China. They include former Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Georg... Read More »

Who are the people sitting below the President's podium facing away from the President during the President's State of the Union Address?