Who is the president of KitchenAid?

Answer Jeff Fettig

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How much do secret service get paid to protect the President Budget for protection of the president?

secret service get paid about $60,000 for there for year And the highest pay is $112,000 a year.

Is it legal for the ex-president of a home owners association not to turn over the books to the new president?

Because a home owners association is probably a corporation, you could ask the same question of Boeing's president or the president of Goldman Sachs.In those corporations, the subject wouldn't come... Read More »

Who is the CEO of Kitchenaid?

Jeff M. Fettig is the CEO of the Whirlpool Corporation, as of April 2010. Kitchenaid and Maytag are Whirlpool brands. Fettig has been the CEO of Whirlpool since 2004. The company is based in Benton... Read More »

How to Use KitchenAid SSA?

The KitchenAid SSA, or sausage stuffer attachment, is an attachment suitable for use with all KitchenAid household stand mixers. The optional food grinder makes fresh sausage and the sausage stuffe... Read More »