Who is the present head for navy department?

Answer E9, Master Chief Petty Officer

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Can an employee of The Navy Department use to send and receive personal messages outside of the network?

It depends on the official Navy and individual Command policy, but in general yes, they are permitted for family contacts and certain others. The Navy contracts with thousands of individual busines... Read More »

What in the difference between the Department of the Navy and the Navy Department?

Nothing - Department of the Navy is the formal title for the Pentagon division that encompasses the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps. Navy Department is an informal term.

When was the department of Navy established as a separate department?

The Department of the Navy was established on 30 April 1798. Note that there was a Navy during the War for Independence, it was established by the Continental Congress on 13 October 1775. That dat... Read More »

What major events led to the establishment of the Navy and the Department of the Navy?

Barbary corsair attacks on American merchant ships and French seizures of American merchant ships