Who is the person with the most facebook friends in the world?

Answer Steve Hofstetter! He has 200,000 FRIENDS!! OMGG

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Am i the only person in the world who thinks that Friends is the one of the most overrated tv shows, ever?

Totally agree with you. What a ridiculous amount of money these tv companies pay these people. When I found out that they get an average of $500,000 per episode I couldnt comprehend that. I have to... Read More »

Facebook the person with the most details will get best answer.?

Follow the instructions provided at the link below to NOT JUST DEACTIVE, BUT INSTEAD PERMANENTLY DELETE your facebook account and all associated information.If you want to permanently delete your a... Read More »

Who has the most friends on

I know at one point, Steve Hofstetter had approx. 200,000 friends on Facebook. (He started out on a quest to get 10,000, then 100,000... The friends kept coming.) However, they reset his profile... Read More »

How can I stop my Facebook friends from interacting with my In Real Life friends?

I left Facebook long ago. I truly think it brings out the worst in people, prolonging the junior-high mentality into middle age, and beyond.How are you doing, Sips?Ah, you know me, being sweet and... Read More »