Who is the payee of a check?

Answer The payee of a check refers to a person who is entitled to receive funds from a check issued by a payer. The payer of the check writes the name of the payee on the check as the recipient, signs the... Read More »

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How to Write a Check on a US Bank to a Canadian Payee?

Cross currency checking is a fairly straightforward topic that follows several basic rules.

What Is a Payee Reference?

A payee is a person or entity who is to receive payment for a product or service rendered. For example, your telephone company is the payee for your phone service; your credit card company is the p... Read More »

How Can I Remove a Representative Payee?

Individuals are assigned representative payees when they cannot manage their own financial affairs. This applies when the individual is a minor or a person who has been declared legally incompetent... Read More »

Representative Payee Information?

The Social Security Administration appoints a representative payee to beneficiaries that need help managing social security and SSI payments. The representative payee ensures benefits are utilized ... Read More »