Who is the owner of yahoo?

Answer it is a publically traded corporation with shareholders, you can buy stock and be a co-owner

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How can i find out maximum information about the Owner of a Yahoo! email address?

If the person doesn't want to disclose any information to you, you should just move on. It doesn't really matter if they know you or not.As far as information about a Yahoo user, all the informati... Read More »

How can i find out the owner of a phone number if it's a "private" owner?

could be someone bothering you, using a virtual caller-ID spoofing card!!!! its a real pain in the neck!

If as a condo owner you feel you are being taken advantage of by the President owner of the other condos and you want to get out of the association how do you do it?

Getting out of an association is only possible by selling your unit to a new buyer. "Feeling like you're being taken advantage of..." is possible if you are new to condominium ownership, or do not ... Read More »

What is the liability of a condo owner with a cockroach infestation that spills over into the unit of another owner?

In this situation, it's a good idea to work with the board to determine the extent of the infestation, since these animals are likely to spread throughout the building. In most locales, it's diffic... Read More »