Who is the owner in a revocable trust?

Answer The grantor is the owner of the assets or estate in a revocable trust. A revocable, or living, trust allows the grantor to maintain the option of dissolving or changing the terms of the trust and a... Read More »

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Can a revocable trust to be transferred to your spouse's revocable trust after your death?

Yes, you may name your spouse's revocable trust as the beneficiary of your revocable trust in your declaration of trust document. Another option would be to establish a joint trust, which may be st... Read More »

What Is a revocable trust UAD?

A trust is a legal agreement that gives a person or organization, known as the trustee, financial control of an estate or other property. A revocable trust can be changed during the grantor's life... Read More »

Do I need a revocable trust?

The main benefit of a revocable trust is that unlike a will, the assets of the trust are immediately available to the beneficiaries upon your death. Revocable trusts avoid the costs and delays of p... Read More »

What Goes Into a Will for Revocable Trust?

A will that funds a revocable trust is commonly known as a "pour-over will." A pour-over will is a very useful document that funds an existing revocable trust with all of the assets of the deceased... Read More »