How old is the oldest living tree in the world?

Answer The oldest living tree known to the world is a Norway spruce, discovered in Sweden in 2004, according to National Geographic. According to the department of ecology and environmental science at Ume... Read More »

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Is 2pac alive and living somewhere?

I'm not sure it seems as if he is dead and that they are just conspiracies or so I used to believe. After watching a few containing some overwhelming evidence that he Is alive and in Cuba i believe... Read More »

Which is India's oldest living tree?

The 450 year-old giant banyan tree at Adyar in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. It is the oldest living organism. Its Kalvavriksha tree in Joshimath Uttranchal which is 1200 year old is the oldest living... Read More »

How tall is the world's oldest living tree?

The world's oldest tree is not, in fact, that tall, according to National Geographic. It stands at a little over 13 feet, or 4 meters. The reason for this is that the age is based on the root syste... Read More »

What is the oldest living handwritten document in the world?

The current record for oldest writing sample was discovered in 1999. A stone tablet with some carved symbols that appear to be characters from Indus, one of the oldest known languages, was discover... Read More »