Requirements to Graduate College?

Answer Generally speaking, getting your college degree will take two years for an associates, four years for a bachelors and eight years for a post-graudate degree or doctorate. The requirements for gradu... Read More »

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When did Michael Jordan graduate from college?

Michael Jordan attended the University of North Carolina between 1981 and 1984. Although he left college after his junior year to make himself eligible for the 1984 NBA Draft, Jordan returned to th... Read More »

What college did David Letterman graduate from?

When Oprah Winfrey was 14 she had a baby did not make it and died shortly after birth.Oprah Winferys boyfriend Randolph Cook calls Oprah a "crack head". He states the when him and Oprah were dating... Read More »

What college did Oprah Winfrey go to and when did she graduate?

Oprah went to college at Tennessee University. She was supposed to graduate in 1975, but left when she was one credit short; she had gotten a job. In 1987, she was asked to give a commencement addr... Read More »

Where did Michelle Obama graduate from college?

Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton University in 1985. Obama -- whose name was Michelle LaVaughn Robinson before she married Barack Obama -- majored in sociology. She graduated from Harvard La... Read More »