What artist do you have the most music by?

Answer Chopin and Vivaldi

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Most over-rated music artist ever?

Kanye West! That's current though, Leaning back... I would maybe say.. I don't know, Everyone who has past on but are still popular had something interesting about them unlike most artists filling ... Read More »

Who's Your Favourite Music Artist?

Jobs for the Music Artist?

If you are musically inclined and looking for a way to pursue your passion, there are jobs that may suit your abilities while fueling your creativity. A performing or recording career might be a... Read More »

Do you like Prince the music artist?

Yeah i love Prince, i think he's underrated. He's a musical genius. And it really bothers me that people think just because i'm an MJ fan i can't like Prince. I've even been called a traitor becaus... Read More »