What basketball player was on David Letterman a few years ago and shot off of the roof?

Answer she is battling a tough disease right now.

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How to Make a Wheelchair for a Paralyzed Dog?

When their best furry friends can no longer walk because of an accident or old age, dog owners can suffer as much as their canine companions. Purchasing a wheelchair for your dog can cost $300 to $... Read More »

How to Express a Paralyzed Dog's Bladder?

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Have anyone woke up feeling paralyzed as if someone was holding you down?

When you dream your body sends signals (or a hormone) that prevents your body from acting out dreams. You probably woke up pretty abruptly and did not have time for your body to acclimate to being... Read More »

Are Kevin Eubanks legs paralyzed?

No, he just seems to prefer playing seated (there are plenty of pictures on the internet of him standing and playing).