Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles?

Answer If you've ever entered a salon toting glossy magazine photos of your favorite celebrity hairstyle, you know how influential the stars can be on personal style. Armed with the best stylists and hair... Read More »

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Which Celebrity wears the most makeup and is the most artificial?

I agree that Dolly Parton is the most artificial, and she admits it herself. Tammy Faye Baker would have been a close second on the makeup front.

Which celebrity endorsed a product and made it popular?

Priceline - William Shatner Proactiv - Jessica Simpson

Who is the most overrated celebrity?

The most overrated celebrity of all time is: Kevin CostnerThe most underrated actor is: Morgan Freeman.Just watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, they are in it together. One of them can act. The ot... Read More »

Which celebrity annoys you the most and why?

Cool question. Paris Hilton, simply because she is a celebrity for ...WHAT? For having a rich dad? And the tabloids cover her like a naked nun. It's ridiculous. She can't sing, can't act, and she h... Read More »