Who is the most photographed person in the world?

Answer It was Lady Di at least one year, if you're talking about most seen in photographs reproduced, if you're talking about most different people having taken a photo of one person, it has to be someone... Read More »

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How to Be the Most Photographed in the Yearbook?

Do you want to be that kid who is really popular with all the pictures? Or to look back at all the great memories you had it your yearbook? Read on!

Who is the person with the most facebook friends in the world?

Steve Hofstetter! He has 200,000 FRIENDS!! OMGG

In your opinion who is the most beautiful person in the world,provide a pic?

Bill Kaulitz!!!!…or Cristiano Ronaldo!!!…you can type either one of their names into google. bill kaulitz's band... Read More »

Am i the only person in the world who thinks that Friends is the one of the most overrated tv shows, ever?

Totally agree with you. What a ridiculous amount of money these tv companies pay these people. When I found out that they get an average of $500,000 per episode I couldnt comprehend that. I have to... Read More »