How to Make a History Box on a Famous Person?

Answer Creating a cereal box dedicated to a famous person in history is one interesting way to present facts about their life and some of their most important accomplishments. The box can be used as a sta... Read More »

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What are the most famous steam locomotives in history?

UP "Big Boy"UP "Challenger"SP Class "AC" Cab ForwardSP "Northern" Class GS. The famed "Daylights"These were amongst the largest and most powerful US locomotives as well, with the SP's Daylights us... Read More »

A List of Famous Irishmen in History?

Though a small country, Ireland has produced no short of great men and women in history.The nation is still influenced heavily by the Celts, who conquered the nation more than 2,000 years ago, and ... Read More »

Who has become famous from American idol?

If you went on American idol would you be famous?

Yes, probably... but only if you are good or get people to watch you by being really bad. Also singing about Simon helps to get you into the finally as a joke. You should try! i watch the show and ... Read More »