How to Become More of an Awesome Person?

Answer First of all, this is to enhance someone's awesome personality and first appearances. If someone comes across you and thinks you're a jerk at first, chances are they're going to keep thinking that ... Read More »

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Anyone have any awesome freebie sites for baby stuff I have included some awesome ones I found!!!?

Who's the thickest person in the world?

I'll say Paris Hiltonshe sounds thick as s***

Who is the most photographed person in the world?

It was Lady Di at least one year, if you're talking about most seen in photographs reproduced, if you're talking about most different people having taken a photo of one person, it has to be someone... Read More »

If every person was a vegan, what would the world be like?

if animals on farms were released, there would be a massive animal population dynamic that might lead to the extinction of one or more animals. Needless to say, this would wreak havoc on the eco-sy... Read More »