Who is the model in the old spice commercial?

Answer Dishwashers are cold fill. The supply line to the dishwasher therefore is connected to the "cold line" under the sink.

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What is a SPICE model?

Not really. It will come clean in the dishwasher, but over time, the patterns will wear off and you will damage the dishes themselves. Better to hand wash :) I have, however, dried my Bonnie Blue-p... Read More »

Who is the model in the DirecTV commercial?

I think the only ones are fullmetal alchemist,bleach, naruto shippuden, kekkaishi, inuyasha

Who is the Russian model in the direct tv commercial?

Who is the blue eyed model on the Cigna Commercial?

I think it's Sophie Strutt...sister of porn star Lindsey Strutt.