Who is the manager of the Golden Corral in Saratoga Springs NY?

Answer You will need to write them to find out, or call company headquarters. The odds that anyone on yahoo knowing this answer are about 500,000 to 1.Good Luck-

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Golden Corral prices?

There is no ideas about this, Its totally depend on all of your taste and likes.

Is there a Golden Corral restaurant in Oahu?

According to the restaurant locator on Golden Corral's official website, there is no restaurant on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. In fact, there are no Golden Corral locations anywhere in the state.... Read More »

Which is healthier Panda Express or Golden Corral?

Look at the nutrition menu at each place. It should be on thier websites. Its all about what you choose to eat (portions, veggies over dessert, ect.)

What is the name of the delicious dessert in the golden corral?