What was the main foreign policy of US at the start of the cold war?

Answer Answer 1 Because the countries that surround Israel DO NOT support a Jewish settlement in what THEY perceive is Arab land. The Arab countries have attacked Israel - and that was the 6 day war in 19... Read More »

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What was the main foreign policy goal of the us during the cold war?

The Cubans were sort of not on great terms with the U.S. at the time, so it was possible that they would fire their nuclear missiles at us, maybe forcing us into war with them. we definitely did no... Read More »

What was the main goal of us foreign policy during the Cold war?

The USA achieved the goal of removing the missles from Cuba by "quarentining" Cuba until Khruschev and JFK compromised the soviet union would remove their missles from Cuba and the USA promised to ... Read More »

What's the main difference between salami and baloney are they both cold cuts?

Neither are cold cuts actually (cold cuts are meats like chicken beef etc)They are both types of sausages the salamis made with fats and spicy meats and are made in sausage casingsBaloney is made f... Read More »

What it means with 'cold rice and cold tea are bearable but cold words and cold face are not?

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