What is the name of a television show from the early 90's where the main character had a band and when the main character hit a specific chord on his guitar he would be sucked into his computer?

Answer The name of the show was Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad. When someone would strike a specific chord and say a certain line, they would get sucked into a portal found in the computer in a basement. ... Read More »

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Juvenile Crime & Punishment?

Many in society view juvenile offenders in a negative light. A common perception is that they are responsible for an ever-growing number of violent crimes. According to the Juvenile Offenders and V... Read More »

How is Marlow Heart of Darkness like Raskolnikov Crime and Punishment?

Marlow is like Raskolnikov because they both start out living a fantasy or an illusion.Marlow live in London in the upper class and doesn't have to worry about ever getting his hands dirty. However... Read More »

How to Identify the Main Justifications for Capital Punishment?

Justifications for capital punishment are known in most states as "aggravating factors." State penal codes generally require that certain events occur in the commission of a murder to be considered... Read More »

The character who opposes the main character is known as?