What's the lowest amount of money a student needs in the UK, if only their college fees are paid?

Answer I had all my fees paid for during my uni years but the other costs to think about are rent, bills and food. As an example, I studied in London for 4 years and the average rent per year ranged from ... Read More »

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Should paralegals be paid hourly or by salary?

On One Hand: Salaried Paralegals.Most paralegals work in firms or corporations and are salaried employees. They work a set schedule and receive the same pay week after week. Salaried paralegals ten... Read More »

How much do massage therapists get paid in yearly salary?

The PayScale Report states that as of July 2010, massage therapists earn $11.83 to $30.45 per hour, with $2.07 to $7.04 for tips and $11.93 to $29.70 for overtime. Adding annual bonuses of $51.06 t... Read More »

How Much Salary Does a Professional Makeup Artist Get Paid?

Professional makeup artists enhance the quality of actors' performances by applying makeup, facial prostheses and other visual effects. Makeup artists work on film, television and stage productions... Read More »

Paid an annual salary of 27500semimonthly What is his gross pay per pay period?

Gross pay for each pay period for 24 pay periods would each be 1145.83.Paid twice a month.If paid every 2 month the amount would be 4583.33 for 6 pay periods.