Who is the longest living person with mesothelioma?

Answer Paul Kraus is the world's longest living survivor of mesothelioma. When Kraus was diagnosed in June 1997, he was told he had only months to live. He turned to holistic medicine for a cure. As of 20... Read More »

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Is it safe for an older person with type 2 Diabetes that is out of control to be living on their own?

Probably not hun, but you can not control them, you can only watch them, how they wish to control their diabetes is up to them, all you can do is be there for them

What is the longest living sea creature?

A quahog clam, which scientists fished out of the waters near Iceland, is estimated to be approximately 405 years old. Not only is this clam the longest-lived individual sea animal, but it is the o... Read More »

Whats the hardest part about living with diabetes...diabetics ONLY or people living with a diabetic?

For me it's having to be constantly aware of everything I put in my mouth, all my activity, and keeping my stress levels down. Basically that I never get a break from all this...wouldn't it be nic... Read More »

Is it possible to have other areas affected with mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is mainly caused by exposure to asbestos. Besides the lungs, the cancer can also occur in the abdomen, around the heart and, in very rare cases, on the re... Read More »