Who is the lead singer on"Green Grass& High Tides"?

Answer Hughie Thomasson, lead singer and founding band member of Southern rock group The Outlaws, and member of the Fender Hall of Fame, was lead singer on "Green Grass & High Tides," from the album "The ... Read More »

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Facts About High & Low Tides?

Tides are naturally occurring rises and falls in the level of water in oceans, bays, gulfs and inlets. They are the direct result of the moon's gravitational pull on earth. The moon's gravity creat... Read More »

How to Be a Lead Singer?

Picture this: the big audition's just around the corner, you're a lead singer, and looking forward to it - but then you start to wonder - what does a lead singer do? What about stage-presence? Well... Read More »

Who is the lead singer of No Doubt?

Gwen Renee Stefani is a founding member and the lead singer of the ska/punk/rock band No Doubt. No Doubt came to fame after the release of their self-titled debut album in 1992.References:Bio: Gwen... Read More »

Who is the lead singer of Warrant?

Warrant: the name may bring to mind such 80's hits as "Cherry Pie" or "Sometimes She Cries." Over the years band members have come and gone, especially the lead singers. Yet, one thing still remain... Read More »