Is it best to have 2 female dogs or a male&a female?

Answer On One Hand: Same Sex Dogs Compete For Social RankAdding another dog to your household requires careful consideration of several factors, as temperament, breed and age influence the outcome. Howeve... Read More »

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Hey what are some good bands with a female lead singer?

Cinderella Snow White Sleeping Beauty or Jasmine Which Female Disney Character do u like better?

My favourite Disney princess was Belle; but from the ones on your list, definitely Aurora a.k.a Sleeping Beauty. She was so pretty and I loved her singing voice and the songs she sang!

What Sci-Fi TV show from the 90s had a female lead with a special bracelet that gave her powers?

Diseases in Female Dogs?

Though all dogs can be susceptible to a variety of medical conditions, female dogs can be particularly prone to specific conditions often due to their anatomical features and the effects of hormone... Read More »