Who is the inventor of the pool noodle?

Answer The pool noodle was invented by Stephen Motosko in 1999. He created it as a pool toy and not as a life-saving device, as detailed in his patent. Stephen was also the inventor of a small water-shoot... Read More »

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Who invented the pool noodle?

Stephen Motosko invented the swimming pool noodle, a popular pool toy and floatation device. Motosko invented the toy in 1999 as a long and flexible tube for use in swimming pools.Source:Patent Sto... Read More »

Pool Noodle Games?

Pool noodles are flotation devices that kids often use as toys when they play in pools. They are not lifesaving tools but simply noodle shapes pieces of nonabsorbent foam that children can bend, su... Read More »

Who is the inventor of pool tables?

Pool originally evolved from another game similar to croquet and was first played outdoors on grass. It is not known who built the first pool table, or when it was built, but the oldest known pool ... Read More »

How to make Campbell's Chicken noodle soup into creamy chicken noodle soup?

Either add some cream or some milk and be careful and stir it constantly so it doesn't burnDune