Who is the inventor of the playstation portable?

Answer Engineers of the Sony Corporation invented the Playstation Portable. Sony engineer Ken Kutaragi is credited with being the brainchild behind the PSP, but he did not invent the Playstation Portable ... Read More »

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How to Hack a Playstation Portable With Another Playstation Portable?

Un-bricks and downgrades the PlayStation Portable to Custom Firmware3.80 M33-5

How to Hack a PlayStation Portable?

This is a guide on how to alter a PSP by downgrading its software. This only works on P.S.P.S. software versions 2.0 and earlier. However Above firmwares can use Pandora's battery to un-brick, down... Read More »

How to Put Pictures on a Playstation Portable?

The PSP is a very fun and useful device. It can Play thousands of games, Browse the internet and store Picture and music. But many people don't know how to put pictures or music on the PSP. So, for... Read More »

What is a PlayStation Portable?

The PlayStation Portable (better known as the PSP) allows owners to play games or watch movies in the UMD format on the go. This device from Sony features Wi-Fi connectivity for Internet access and... Read More »